!Hi ya’ll!  Anne here!  I just wanna say I am so happy with all the great people who have messaged or called us about our cars.  THANK YOU!  It is so exciting to meet new people and have you interested in our vehicles!  Everyone we meet is amazing and kind.  I can honestly say that we are lucky to live in the Chippewa Valley as we have some of the best people here.

I am going to answer some questions that I have received.  I posted a video on our Facebook page but I wanted to cover it here as well.

Trades.  We take trades.  We are more than happy to look over your current vehicle and give you a fair number.  We like to see the car in person to insure that we can be fair.  Looking at pictures through email or text can help us get a very broad idea about the car, but so much is lost in translation.  And it is more personable to check it out in person.  We want to get to know you. We want you to get to know us and our cars.

Test drives.  Please come test drive the cars.  Not only is test driving fun, but it allows you to actually get a feel for the car before you make and offer on it.

Negotiating. We are willing to negotiate our prices to a point.  But again, we really prefer to do it in person.  That way you know what you are negotiating for and you’re sure that you even want the car in the first place.

Financing. We do not offer in home financing but we have several great options for those with not so great credit.  You can find these on our Finance page.  If you have a bank that you have worked with in the past and have a good relationship with, try to get a loan through them first.  Use that history to your advantage.

If you have any questions about any of our cars just send us an email, Facebook message,  give us a call, send a text message, or even a message through this site.  We want to make the process of buy on of our great cars as easy and non-frustrating as possible.

Thanks to everyone for your support!  We can’t wait to see you!