Well, Kinda.  Hi everyone!  Just wanted to give a quick update on the odd stuff you will be seeing on the site and Facebook Page.  We have deleted all the pictures of our cars.  All the old and all the new.  We are going to post new ones here shortly.  As well as a few new types of pictures that we hope will show our awesome cars off better.  Ozzie and I decided that with the weather changing, we needed to change somethings about how we posted our vehicles.  We hope our new plans with show the cars in a fun new way!  It shouldn’t take us long to get pictures up and loaded so keep and eye out.  We also plan on adding a few new things to the Lot, the Facebook Page, and this website.  Nothing like a cold, Autumn day to get some things accomplished at the computer.

Don’t let our “remodeling” keep you from coming out and test driving out cars!  We have a lot of great cars at great prices.  And there is always Hot Cocoa ready.  Hope to see you all soon!