Hi Everyone!

We recently shared on our Facebook page that we are now able to offer a “Buy Here, Pay Here” option on select vehicles. We have had quite a few people message asking if this would ever be an option.  AND NOW IT IS!  We will still be working with outside finance places to get you the best deal possible.  But this will be a great option for people who need a car now and have trouble with other options.  Again, this option is for select vehicles.  The best way to know what vehicles are available for our Buy Here, Pay Here, is to come out and talk with us.

We look forward to working with people to find their best option.

Other great news is that we are able to process Credit, Debit, and Electronic Checks.  It will work great with our new program.  Soon we will have a payment button available to make payments for your finances vehicles online!  What could be simpler?   More information about this option is also available when you come to check out our cars.

Come out soon to see how we may be able to help you!