Why would anyone be crazy enough to struggle through having their own business? The stress.  The worry.  The hours.  The learning.  The endless, “What can I do better?”

I have three perfect answers.

  2. And 3. are our two little gremlins, Griffon and Addison.

I don’t think number one needs much explanation.  But allow us to explain two and three.  We don’t want to make a successful business to make it easy for our children.  They will not be given everything on a plater with sugar on top.  We hope to instill into them something that, to us, seems to be in short supply.  Grit.  A serious work ethic.

And to add to the insanity that is trying to start, run, and succeed at having your own business, we have opted to homeschool as well.  Yes, we are well aware that we are well out of our minds.  But to us, for us, this is the best course.

So again, why do we do what we do?

Because this country and our sweet town of Cornell was built by ambitious people.  It is a difficult path to being self-sufficient.  We think we are up to it.