Hey Humble People!

We have some new and exciting things that we are getting ready at the shop. But first things first, we have a new mechanic in training. This will allow us to open our times for maintenance appointments and other repair work. We had been turning away some repair work because with only Ozzie here, well, he can only stretch so far. But now he has a helper! We will be updating our fee schedule and posting it ASAP.

On to more awesome news!

We are working on being able to generate loans here at the office instead of needing a pre-approval. Getting pre-approved is, however, the best process for purchasing a car. It is a slow process but we are hoping that it will be a great way to help get you into a vehicle at a good rate. Without running around the state to look for a loan. As usual, we are working with Marine Credit Union to get you loans at an affordable rate. Whether you have amazing credit or not. As we near our 2 year anniversary, we will be adding more area banks, hopefully, to our arsenal of available lenders.

Anne is also working on something a little wild. Not all the details are hashed out yet. It is a bonus that will be available when you purchase one of our vehicles. It is nothing illegal so no need to get any panties in a twist. Keep your eyes open for hints here and there on our Facebook page, as well as at the shop.